Minnesota Vacation

Took a trip up to Minneapolis, MN on June 29 to attend my cousin's wedding.
Here a few pictures of the activities.

Jennifer and Jason Spragues Wedding Ceremony
June 30, 2001

Dave speaking at the ceremony (112k)

Grandma & Grandpa with
Jennifer & Jason (87k)

"Husband & Wife"

Bubble Girls

Jennifer & (half of) Jason

Time for the Honeymoon

Pre-Ceremony Photo Sessions

Lundberg Clan
(with Macey & Ashlyn)

The Albrachts

Uncle Dave

Some Recreation Time

Grandpa Loafing

Grandpa working the controls

Playing in the driveway

Dave cooking fajitas

Grandma and Debbie

Grandma & Sister

Mom and Debbie

Mom & Sister

The Silly
Straw Incident

Macey and her silly straw



Sean & Carol

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