Whats Wrong with this Picture?


A picture will appear and if you watch very close, you will see some very interesting and subtle changes. The changes are hard to catch but they are preceded with a sound that is barely audible, so have your volume turned up as loud as you can.

Study the photograph carefully and see if you can witness the changes as they happen.

Hint - First turn the VOLUME TO MAX, then look to the left of the lap top and right of the plant. There will be periodic hints given to you in a soft voice while looking at the photo (that is why you have to turn the volume way up louder than usual to hear them).

Give yourself at least one full minute to look for what I'm talking about. You should get the voice within a minute! It's really neat. GOOD LUCK!!!

According to MENSA, if you find whats wrong in the first attempt you are in the top 1%! Click on the link below to begin your test...

Whats wrong with this picture?