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Brenton's Hobbies
  Playing the XBox PageSee what games I'm currently playing.
  Scuba Diving
Still waiting to take big scuba trip, but thanks to WW Diving Co. I am now a certified scuba diver.
Started my certification process at Skydive Spaceland, and completed two freefall jumps. Hope to resume my training someday and make solo jumps on a regular basis. I highly recommend it you try it!
Me and the JumpMaster
  Anything on the Water
Since my parents live on Lake Houston, there is no better place to party or de-stress then going there. Don't make it here much anymore since I moved to Albuquerque. Living on the water one of the goals in my life, maybe on the ocean in San Diego some day. Rafting photos from Taos.
  Surfing the Web
Thanks to my new ABS X7 computer and Comcast cable internet, I'm surfing the web and building this site in style.

Watching Sports
Sundays are pretty much wrapped up in watching sports, which is good thing when it is 100+ degrees outside. My first love is watching football with season package subscription from DirecTV. Auto Racing is second passion, and I'm constructing a site dedicated to the sport here. My living room looks like a sports bar with 3 TV's (trying to) catch all the action!

Regarding the evolution of sports... A constantly revolving world of progression, expression and succession... No longer is it just football, baseball and basketball... No longer is it just surf, skate and snow... The evolution of Sports knows no limits..

OK, I love extreme sports, I just need to get out there and do some of them.

  Collecting Model Cars
Probably the closest I'll ever come to owning these fabulous automobiles. I have close to 50 of these all metal cars. They are mostly purchased through Exoticar whenever I get the urge.
  Building This Web Site
Maybe its the creative side of me or something, but I like putting BrentonNelson.com together sometimes.
  My Home Theater
Now that I've added HDTV to my home theater, I think I can call this a hobby now. I certainly have put in my bling, bling, so its time to get my money's worth.
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